Orichalcos operates a separate permissioned blockchain with dual tokens to handle various transactions such as platform asset trading, management and user analysis and so on.

The permissioned blockchain platform stores and manages assets, data, and history securely, and operates the platform economy with non-volatile ORIC Stone.

By using ERC-20 ORIC token based on Ethereum, Orichalcos platform can be utilized and the assets of platform can be transformed in order to compensate for a variety of user activities.



Orichalcos, a permissioned blockchain platform, is designed and operated so that users do not incur any additional costs in the process of consensus between the nodes involved in transaction approval.
This allows you to configure your network with an accurate and reliable platform and focus on achieving fairness and low cost.
The results can be created that are optimized to the governance of platform services while increasing efficiency.

HCA Consensus

HCA that processes Raft and PoET step by step is applied in order to examine the stability of nodes. Representatives of node groups are randomly selected at every fixed cycles to minimize artificial interventions in verification and consensus processes, Byzantine problems can be circumvented, energy savings and hardware over-investment can be naturally solved

*PoET : Proof of Elapsed Time
*HCA : Hierarchical Consensus Algorithm

  • Failure Node N+1
  • Master N+1
  • Failure Node N
  • Master N


The dual chain represents a permissioned blockchain and an external Ethereum blockchain.
The combination of two distinctive chains is related to the BIG Goal that Orichalcos is aiming for.

  • High security, reliability, and speed for services supported by the platform
  • Establishment of database to cope with unexpected damage and hacking of blockchain
  • dApp and database connection for personal digital asset management
  • The large amounts of data storage and processing

The current blockchain technology has many limitations in various aspects.
Data, such as huge amounts user and game history data, is stored and managed in encrypted distributed storage without being stored in a blockchain.
A storage area for user data is created, and a pointer indicating that location of the database is stored in the data area of the blockchain, thereby shortening the block transfer time and accelerating transaction processing can be achieved.


Unlike the legacy fiat currencies used today, most cryptocurrencies do not have a mechanism to keep purchasing power non-volatile. This means that sporadic fluctuations in demand can cause massive changes in prices.

In order to prevent the platform from being used extensively by users and changing the value of user activity from time to time, we split and operate dual blockchain into dual chains.

There is an Algorithmic Central Bank (ACB) for tokens distributed and traded through these two blockchains. ACB manages the deposit and withdrawal of exchange rates for two tokens to stabilize the value of the internal platform.

  • - ORIC STONE, distributed and traded internal platform is guaranteed stable price by pegging with the index or currency of legal fiat currency.
  • - ORIC TOKEN is issued as an Ethereum token and has a volatile monetary value.
  • - ACB performs various functions such as setting exchange rate and commission deduction by smart contract and monetary policy when exchanging tokens.
  • - ACB supervises the balance status of ORIC TOKEN stored in CENTRAL TREASURY in real time and reflects it in the transaction.


  • Q1 2018

    Undertake white paper

    Recruitment and Team building

  • Q2 2018

    Orichalcos Incorporation finalized

    Finalize and publish white paper

    Complete token generation system

    Private Sale

  • Q3 2018

    Private and pre-sale start

    Completion of technical white paper

    Renewal of web site

  • Q4 2018

    KYC registration

    Token Generation and Crowdsale

    Yellow paper and Blue Print complete

  • Q1 2019

    Global Tour : Meetup

    Finalize blueprint for platform

    First game integration test

  • Q2 2019

    Most viable product (MVP) Beta

    Testnet launch for ORIC stone

    First Beta game launch on testnet

  • Q3 2019

    MVP initial release

    Community and Ads Testnet Launch

    API open

  • Q4 2019

    Global site open

    Mainnet deployment